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Feel free to check out our huge Photo gallery of some of our Studio work Here Tattoo Gallery . Situated right on Patong Beach Phuket, Thailand, the Tattoo capital of the world we have access to the most stunning Tattoo designs, that few get to see ! 

Buddha Tattoo DesignsWe have 15 years experience in creating unique tattoo designs for clients from all cultures and from all corners of the earth, and all are 100% happy with our services. Not only will you receive a world class tattoo in Phuket that you will be proud of for the rest of your life, you will have the experience of a lifetime on your visit to Phuket, with the crazy fun night life, fantastic people and relaxed lifestyle, I can guarantee you will be back year after year. At 90 Nine Tattoo studio our main priorities are hygiene, sanitation and your safety, I strongly encourage you to review our tattoo studio hygiene practices. Second only to that, is our commitment to creating a tattoo design that you are 100% happy with before we make it permanent, and also offer comprehensive advice on tattoo aftercare so as your new piece of body art will heal 100% with no adverse effects   

Also we are offering you the opportunity to download from our extensive tattoo designs download page of the artwork we have gained the most inspiration from. Be careful of most tattoo sites out there that claim to have millions of unique designs, it just not possible that those tattoo designs are only available from that site, they are most likely copied from everywhere on the net and chances are that 100's if not thousands of people around the world, will end up with the same Tattoo as you. So be unique and not a sheep, imagine how you would feel bumping into someone on the street with the exact same Tattoo idea as you, it defeats the whole purpose of unique Tattoo designs expressing individualism. If you are looking for 10 of thousands of designs you are best to join a subscription site like Tattoo Me Now or Chopper Tattoo , you will then have unlimited access to as many designs and templates as you like as opposed to buying designs one at a time from the top sites.   

Studio Location

Tatto studio patong view

This is the view you will get at the studio, we are very easy to find, just head north on the patong beach road , pass The famous Bangla Road and take the first Soi "street "on the left

90 nine tattoo designs location





There is a great restaurant called The Boat House right next door where your friends can wait while you have your tattoo done, enjoy a beer and a great meal and take in this amazing sunset .


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