Choosing the Perfect Tattoo.

Now, if you're considering a piece of body art, a million people will tell you before breakfast to remember, it's permanent, you'll be stuck with it for life, etc. But don't roll your eyes, drink a bottle of tequila and stagger off to get that Thai bargirl's face tattooed on your pectoral muscle (or any other muscle, for that matter!) because one day it will come back to haunt you!  Let's face it, we have all seen some truly appalling tattoo designs and you don't ever want to become the poster child for the world's biggest tattoo disasters!


However, with a bit more thought, maybe a little less tequila and a talented tattoo design artist you can have an exquisite and memorable tattoo that you'll be proud to show off (as long as decency laws aren't breached!) 


The first thing to think about when choosing your perfect tattoo is your tattoo design. Possible designs to steer clear of are girlfriend/boyfriends names. This one is obvious - sometimes when that first flush of young love passes all you're left with is some broken CD's, a bin bag of random t-shirts and your ex's name emblazoned upon your heart! Or that awesome death-metal-thrash band with their extreme logo of two serpents spiralling around a large pair of naked breasts may be the coolest thing you've ever seen tattooed on someone's forearm right now but how will it feel picking the kids up from kindy in ten years time with it on show?!


Another important detail to consider in choosing your perfect tattoo is how that tattoo design is going to grow with you, for example, the rose tattoo on your right breast might be alluring and seductive when you're nineteen, but fifteen years on when you've breast-fed four children the tissue elasticity is not necessarily going to be holding that beautiful bloomThe Perfect Tattoo Book where it once was! 


And the last bit of important advice is always be able to hide your tattoo design if absolutely necessary - a good rule of thumb here is leave the backs of your hands and your neck clean and then if you've got to attend a funeral or front up in court everything else can be covered! 


But that's enough negativity - tattoo's are amazing and will showcase your individuality and creativity like nothing else!And if you stick to tattoo designs that have meaning for you or that you have designed yourself they will never become an embarrassment and will always symbolise the person you are and who you once were! If you want the most comprehensive guide on all things Tattoo you absolutely must get hold of the book The perfect Tattoo , there is no other book on the market quite like it.


Below are some prime examples of what tattoo ideas to avoid .



Psyco tattooF you forehead Tattoo

Tattoo Mug ShotCovered in Tattoos


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