Crazy Tattoos Round Two ! 

The world of crazy tattoos never ends, there are always going to be nut jobs that get these wierd tattoos just to stand out from the norm or get themselves on the internet, well here they are , 5 seconds of fame. I've actually had to heavily edit this list of crazy tattoo Jpegs as some are just too sick and dirty, trying to keep this a family friendly site , I've said it before and i'll say it again , none of the designs were done at 90 Nine Tattoo nor do we condone them , they are just too funny not to share. If you want to see how real tattoos are done have a look at out most recent Tattoo Designs here  




superhero_body_art_640_50 tat-7 tat-9 tat-27 tat-28 tat-32-300x223 tattoo_face tattoo_freaks tattoo-bikes tattoo-go-veg tattoos_00 tattoos_in_unusual_640_17 tattoos_of_famous_640_02 tattoos-odd Tattoo-Washing-Instructions tattoo-wind-turbine tatu-na-lysene_37400_s__1 the_craziest_soccer_640_03 the_most_horrible_640_08 the_most_stupid_tattoos_8 the_most_stupid_tattoos_10-327x500 troll-arm-hair-tattoo.jpg tumblr_l3liyquJJ61qcngx5o1_500 tumblr_l3lju5nseJ1qcngx5o1_500 tumblr_l3ljxwTAvs1qcngx5o1_500 tumblr_l3ll7bdgJW1qcngx5o1_400 tumblr_l3lwujJCax1qcngx5o1_500 tumblr_l3lwvkHNLN1qcngx5o1_400 tumblr_l3oeu7zJuu1qcngx5o1_500 u5 ugly_tattoo ugly-tattoo-14 vsd weird_stuff_cool_crazy_offbeat_stupid_tattoos_52_200907241632316137 weird_unicorn_tattoos_640_03 01 1 8_4sunnybuick4sm 035_pics 02104 32538_3_468_Y6OGp_1822 59946_2 176331_201008071103013 176331_201008071103015 176331_201008071103016 80502994 81130745 a5edae0182c2a1b7429a680d72cbb36b a97057_g035_7-nipples a-crazy-tattoo-5 amazing_tattoo_15 amazing_tattoo_16 amazing_tattoo_34 bad_tattoos_09 bad-tattoos4 beach_fuck_off butt_tattoos_00 c63105cc2fd78951_7 camel-toe-tattoo cat_eye_tattoo-2-300x200 ccc crazy tattoo9 crazy tattoo art and design halloween-tatttoos_6977 crazy_tattoo_08 crazy_tattoo_baby_on_board crazy_tattoo_mustache crazy_tattoos_4742_12 crazy-britney-tattoo Crazy-Man-with-Craziest-Lip-Modification-27 CrazyTattoo crazy-tattoos-19 crazy-Tattoos-specially-for-Science-Students-3 crazy-Tattoos-specially-for-Science-Students-4 csvf ddfsghd die-mf-die E6F88DFB-B898-8776-8E77DBD9B658538F funny_pictures_784 gamingtattoos1 geek-tattoo-04 genitals-tattoo giants-dick-tattoo-440x330 green-tattoos hdfh hnf horrible_selfmade_tattoos_640_25 images imagessix-20pack-20tattoo-small im-awesome-tattoo-456a11090 Leopard_Print_Tattoo_Head mario-tattoo nazi_lol_tattoo nippletattoo phpthumb_generated_thumbnailjpg powerglove scientific_tattoos_part_640_65 shoe-laces-tattoo strange_tattoos_00 stupid tattoos - 26 stupid tattoos - 27 stupid tattoos - 28 stupid tattoos - 29 stupid_tattoo5 stupid_tattoos 11 stupid_tattoos 16 Stupid-Face-Tattoo-4 Stupid-Face-Tattoo-5 stupidtat stupid-tatoos stupidtattoos21qz4 stupidtattoos25dd4 stupidtattoos33iz1 stupid-tattoos-01 stupid-tattoos-03 stupid-tattoos-04 stupid-tattoos-11 stupid-tattoos-13 stupid-tattoos-15 stupid-tattoos-16

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