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Nowadays, increasingly more women are getting tattoos. As more women choose to get tattoos, flower designs still rise in popularity. The good thing about flower tattoos is the fact that there are many different colors and kinds of flowers ? providing a variety of meanings too. The flowers can mean a few different things, although specific kinds of flowers such as the rose and also the Lilly may have a far more specific meaning.

In general, flower tattoos have a reference to nature, bringing up thoughts and images of life and vitality. Anytime we glance at a flower, we have seen the duration of life, simply flowers interact with us in the sense that people both grow. Flowers leave the earth and continue to grow on a daily basis. Then, the flowers bloom, understanding that they will later dry up and begin to wilt away.Having a tattoo with a flower returns the entire process referred to as life. Keep in mind however, that different colors and flowers on tattoos will symbolize other activities as well. White flower tattoos symbolize purity, while red flower tattoos can symbolize a burning passion. There are lots of colors and designs available, giving plenty of meaning to those desiring flower tattoos.Roses are the most typical flower design for tattoos, symbolizing love. During the turn from the 16th century, roses were tattooed on those who were sentenced to death. If these were to flee from the gallows, the rose tattoo would function as a symbol to easily recognize them. These days, roses symbolize both love and passion. Roses have long been known like a romantic flower, popular for special occasions with the ones we like. Within the western regions, rose tattoos are a symbol of love and purity. In the Eastern regions however, love and purity are symbolized by a lotus flower. Tattoos that feature lotus flowers also bring a bit more meaning to the table. Lotus tattoos will also be known to symbolize fortune, peace, beauty, and goodness. Even though roses are the most popular tattoos in North America, Lotus flower tattoos tend to be more common in other regions.Other examples include the acacia flower tattoo which is the symbol for love and friendship.

 There are some individuals with Irish heritage who choose to obtain tattoos with the flower referred to as Bells of Ireland. This flower established fact throughout Ireland, with the tattoo symbolizing good luck. Irish who have this tattoo are recognized to be lucky, or come with an insane trend with luck.People who think about themselves as being the perfect lover might want to get a tulip tattooed on their arm. Tattoos with tulips represent passionate love and fame for being an excellent lover. If you happen to be shy and timid, you might want to opt for a violet flower tattoo instead. Violets are typical tattoos for those who are shy and timid, and revel in taking things slow. Those wanting to symbolize wisdom and virtue on the other hand, would be well to obtain an Iris. Magnolias will also be normal with flower tattoos, as they symbolize a person?s love for nature.Flower tattoos are extremely common and popular designs nowadays, giving plenty of meaning behind their beauty. The flowers can be large or small and as bold as you like them to be. No matter which flower you've decided to make use of together with your tattoo, you are able to ensure that the flower says this is you are looking for. 

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