Tattoo Aftercare.

One of the many processes with getting a new tattoo that a lot of people don't give enough consideration too is tattoo aftercare.


After 1 hour wash your hands and remove the dressing from your tattoo then wash with warm soapy water make sure not to use whitening or perfumed soap, make sure not to scrub the tattoo just gently remove all traces of blood and the gently pat dry the tattoo with a clean towel then let the tattoo dry for about twenty minutes.


Once dry you should apply a very thin layer of recommended tattoo aftercare cream, you can buy specialized tattoo aftercare creams generally they are expensive, a very good alternative is Bepanthen it does exactly the job and is a fraction of the price. The cream should be applied 2-3 a day until the tattoo is healed. A good tattoo aftercare habit is, during the healing process do not scratch or pick your new tattoo as this may result in loss of colour or scar tissue, and you will end up with a poor looking tattoo, which nobody wants! During the first 2 weeks of having you new tattoo try to avoid swimming, the sun or sun beds also it is a good ideaBepathen for tattoo aftercare to avoid dirt, oils and greasy substances.If you follow these tattoo aftercare guidelines your new tattoo should be healed within 2 weeks depending on the size.


If your getting a Tattoo on holidays its always a good idea to make your tattoo shop appointments the last thing on your list, so you don't miss out on all the watersport activities that a good holiday in Phuket should encompass. It's also give your body a chance to rest on the flight home which is also a good tattoo aftercare practice. For futher comprehensive guide on Tattoo aftercare and fading be sure to buy the book for a small price The Perfect Tattoo  It alone could save you thousands by avoiding botched jobs. 


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