Tattoo Aftercare and Tips

  • Choosing the Perfect Tattoo Designs
    Choosing the perect Tattoo designs should not be a daunting task, however your Tattoo ideas should not be taken lightly after all you will have to live with it for the rest of you life obviously.
  • Tattoo Aftercare
    Getting a new tattoo? most studios don't give enough consideration to tattoo aftercare.
  • Tattoo Shop Safety
    One of the main concerns when looking for a Tattoo Studio in Thailand, is hygiene and safety
  • Dealing with the pain of Tattoos
    How to minimize the pain while getting a new Tattoo, and what not to do.
  • Tattoo Application Techniques
    The nuts and bolts of tattoo apliction techniques, how to use a tattoo gun.
  • Virtues of Temporary Tattoos
    Temorary tattoos are are great way of trying out a design for those who are uncommited about their new tattoo design
  • Tattoo History
    The history behind Tattoos thoughout the ages, cultural significance of Tattoos

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