Tattoo Ideas.

Often the actual tattoo design is the main drawback when that overwhelming urge to get a tattoo strikes.You know where you want it, you know how much you have to spend and you may even have a particular day free to partake but the specific design is eluding you! A good idea before you under the gun is to have custom tattoo designs done to your specification that way you don't have to pay the hourly rate that your artist may charge to do up a design and stencil.


However, it is these other contributing factors that can help you make your decision for the optimum tattoo ideas! Let’s address them in point form….. 


      1.   Where you want it 


Now, this is all about personal choice – if you want your girlfriend/boyfriend’s name tattooed around your private parts, then that is your decision and your life to live!!Lifestyle is something to consider when thinking tattoo ideas so if you’re considering a career working with Joe Q Public often it is best to have tattoos in places that can be concealed if necessary!Another consideration is how it will grow with you, a Care Bear tattoo design may be adorably quirky when you’re eighteen but at thirty-five you may have to live with the realisation that you just look ridiculous!


3.   How much it will cost 


Tattoos can be expensive but, about 1/3 the price from us in Thailand and you’re paying for superior quality – you can’t go home and wash it off if your tattoo ideas don't work out.If all you can afford is a small tattoo or an outline that’s fine, you can always add to it later when finances allow! 


4.   Time it will take 


Tattoos do take some time to do – “If you rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles!”A professional tattoo artist is not going to hurry and risk their work being less than perfect so if you’ve got a meeting you’ve got to get to, don’t try and get your tattoo first, make sure you leave plenty of time for adequate tattoo aftercare .


      5.      Gathering tattoo design inspiration


Finally, if you’re really unsure of the right tattoo ideas for you, don’t rush into anything. Take your time, do your research, draw on yourself with a sharpie ink pen and walk to the corner shop! Look at flash books, download tattoo designs here , magazines, people on the street, anything to find the best tattoo ideas you can! Even if you only have your basic tattoo ideas scratched on some bits of paper, our tattoo artist will help you turn it in to a work of art you can be proud of for the rest of your life.

The Perfect Tattoo Book


If you are a budding Tattoo artist or just looking for some tattoo ideas and inspiration , or are interested in the history and culture of Tattoos, than you must download the book , The Perfect Tattoo  It is the most comprehensive Tattoo guide book I have ever seen and highly recommend you reading it.












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