Tattoo Shop Safety

Finding a Safe Tattoo Studio.

One of the main concerns when looking for a tattoo studio is hygiene and the language barrier especially when trying to explain personal a design that you like to be sketched or designed an English owned and managed tattoo studio, the tattoo artist (Chat chai) is a Phuket tattoo convention winner he won first place for free hand Japanese style, he also speaks English very well so Thai to English translations are no problem. Chat chai has worked at 90 NINE TATTOO since we opened six years ago.

Everybody is aware or the risks of using an unsafe tattoo studio so finding a good artist and a hygienic studio is very important probably more so in Thailand as there are lots of horror stories floating around. So selecting a good studio is your main concern. The risks are infection, contracting a disease, or skin damage all are possible when choosing the wrong tattoo artist or a unhygienic tattoo studio.



                                                               There are many risks that nobody should take when Tattoo gunchoosing a tattoo studio regardless of price, booking availability or convenience so make sure that you take your time identifying a good tattoo artist, safe hygienic tattoo studio this is very important.We are a well equipped and hygienic tattoo studio, our main concern is your safety, all tattoo studios should have a sharps container for disposable needles or any objects that come in contact blood or any other bodily fluids and an autoclave this is a device for heating fluids beyond boiling point for sterilization purposes.


Disposable Individually Packed Sterile NeedlesAll tattoo studios should use disposable needles sometimes in Thailand this is not case, do not hesitate to ask to see the individually packed disposable needles in any tattoo studio as your health should be there main priority. All needles should be used only on one client and then disposed of immediately.Also individual disposable tattoo ink cups should always be used on one client and then disposed of immediately any risk of contamination should not exist. The tattoo artist must always wear latex gloves during setting up his tools and during the work, and must be changed between clients.

Before the work begins the tattoo artist should always ask if the stencil is in the right position and if the client is ready to start, if the tattoo studio that you are in deviates from these standards it is a good indication that you are not in a reputable establishment and should steer clear.       

So if there is any indication that these guidelines are not being followed then there is a possibility of infection or contamination whilst you are getting your tattoo and it is just not worth the risk you only have one skin so chose your tattoo artist and studio with care.


Ultrasonic Cleaning  


This is a powerful unit that gently cleans in minutes without damaging delicate items. Ultrasonic energy wave feature cleans dirt, dust and grime away. Simply fill the tank with water and get professional cleaning results. Used for cleaning the tip of the tunnel after each application of ink to skin.



 Autoclave Sterilization

The autoclave is basically a pressure cooker mainly utilized in the medical and dental industries for sterilizing medical tools. The autoclave has to keep a constant temperature of at least 246 degrees for a duration of 30 minutes so as to thoroughly sterilize the instruments. Commonly there is 2 types of autoclave sterilizers, chemical & steam. The majority of dental surgeries use chemical autoclave's, but tattoo studios mainly use steam. A good idea is to ask the tattooist if you can inspect the autoclave, to make sure its clean, but the main reason to ask is to test the owner if they are forthcoming and glad to show you as this demonstrates they have nothing to hide and therefore have a hygienic set of tools. All tattoo studio’s should have an autoclave but in Thailand many do not for the simple fact that a lot of people are unaware that this device is needed to properly sterilize tattoo equipment. So if you go into a tattoo studio and they do not have an autoclave then it likely that they equipment they are using is unsterile and should be avoided.   





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