Tattoo Sketches. 

Tattoo Sketches from our Tattoo artist Chat Chai

The Tattoo Sketches below, showcase the amazing talents of our tattoo artist Chat Chai. These types of tattoo designs are available on request, however should you want to have custom Tattoo sketches and templates like these, drawn up. You should leave yourself a few days time and be very specific of what are looking for. You  can let your imagination go wild here, whether you are modifying your own design or someone else's, or starting from scratch, Chat Chai will be able to give you a 100% original Tattoo design you can be proud of.





Doctor Pain Tattoo Sketch Koifish tattoo sketch DRpain Tattoo sketch Devil tattoo sketch Demon Tattoo Sketch Indian Tattoo sketch Dragon Tattoo sketch Dragon Tattoo design Genesh Tattoo sketch Skull tattoo sketch koi carp sketch Skulls tattoo sketch  

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