Why Get Tattooed in Thailand !

Value for money and Very High Quality Tattoos is the primary reason !

However cheap prices by western standards does not mean poor quality. Thai artists are highly skilled at their craft and fee's are roughly 1/3 to 1/4 the price of most western studios, so if you need a lot of tattoo work done its a good economic choice as the trip will pay for itself. Also Thai's are inherently a very artistic culture so some of the tattoo designs they come up with, are truly unique and amazing. We do have a lot of standard tattoo flash but if you want this I believe you should ask our artist to modify an existing Tattoo template or modify you own design to be unique . None of this work is on the clock , only the time taken with the tattoo gun in the chair is charged for. You can also check out our Tattoo design download page to get access to literally thousands of tattoo designs to choose from for inspiration, we are currently building the largest Tattoo design database on the net. One of the biggest concerns we get from out clientele is safety and hygiene, of course this is a valid concern when getting a tattoo in a foreign country, but rest assured at 90 Nine tattoo your safety is our number 1 priority. I strongly encourage you to read more about our tattoo hygiene procedures here Tattoo Safety and we have a great guide on tattoo aftercare that a lot of tattoo studios overlook  

Here's a quick video of our Patong artist Chat Chai doing some work. Chat is a Phuket tattoo convention winner he won first place for free hand Japanese style.  





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